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Getting Real


We’re keeping it real over here at Eastside Social. You remember real, right? It was that thing we all expected before everything became processed, sterilised, and digitalised.


We’re going back to the era of real – we figure it was lost somewhere between our last Mario Cart marathon and our first Myspace profile pic – and injecting it with a hefty dose of charm. And this isn’t just a weekend promise, it extends across the whole week. Sunday to Sunday (aka every day), you’ll find our East Perth digs serving up your barista coffee just the way you like it. Double shot decaf soy dirty chai? You got it! Then there’s breakfast *ahem* brunch (because brunch food is always better and can include non-judgement champagne), lunch, dinner, and drinks.


Back to our promise of real. It’s real nutrition packed with super-foods and super soulful flavours. Let your mood move between “Just grabbing some lunch on the run” to “Think I’ll settle in for a look at the wine list”. Whatever your mood, we got you.


You’re so done with fake news, fake insta influencers, and nutrition-less food fads (aka fake food). It’s about time we got real.


Feed your curiosity

(it looks thirsty too)


It’s a connection that can come

with catering … just sayin’


A colour palette designed

to reduce procrastination

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